Students voting around campus; 1 vote-buying complaint reported in Fayette County

By Nini Edwards

[email protected]

Students are taking advantage of the local polling places offered around campus.

The Catholic Newman Center bustled with students around 3 p.m.

“We have been busily steady all morning and with lines,” said Dan Schueler, deputy sheriff for the Clifton Precinct. “Last spring we had about 70 voters, last fall we had about 80 voters and today we have had more than 250 voters (at this point).”

Despite the large turnout Schueler said there were no big problems, but he tried to help any student who ran into an issue.

“There have been small problems with misspelled names and people at the wrong precinct,” he said. “If they live here now then we always try to get them to vote. We always tell them where they need to go.”

According to a news release from the Kentucky Office of the Secretary of State, Fayette County has received one complaint, for vote buying. Jefferson County has received the most complaints, at 17, according to the news release. Most complaints have regarded procedural problems. A total of 65 complaints have been reported statewide.

In Fayette County there are 287 precincts. According to the Kentucky State Board of Elections there are 101,551 registered Republicans, 70,219 registered Democrats and 18,874 registered as other. Of these people registered to vote, 87,884 are male and 102,760 are female.

The polling place for the Bunker Precinct on Audobon Avenue did not have as high a voter turnout as the Newman Center.

“We are averaging around eight (voters) an hour,” said business management sophomore Trip Scully. “I am reading history right now so it has been pretty boring.”

Scully said three people is the maximum amount he has seen in line at one time.

“There are about 20 percent older people, most are undergrad students or law students,” he said.