Letter to the editor: Students are dying for new ‘The Walking Dead’

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Well, David Morrissey will be looking to retaliate with several eyes after the cliff hanger ending in season three’s midseason finale of “The Walking Dead.” The Governor now sports a menacing eye patch to cover the epitome of his secrets and to rally his community against the dangers that lie beyond the town of Woodbury, setting up an eminent battle between himself and Rick Grimes.

Season three left us with Daryl and Merle ready to fight for their lives, a confused Andrea who is conflicted between her former group of friends and her new love interest and a mentally-deteriorating Rick inside prison walls.

I have had withdrawals from not watching “The Walking Dead” for almost two months now, and I am ready for one heck of an end to an already outstanding season. The showdown between the Governor and Rick is the moment I am most looking forward to, because we have not seen a great man versus man battle since the stand-off between Rick and Shane to end season two.

I seriously hope that Rick bests the Governor ten times better than when he took out Shane, because honestly the Governor is a nut job; he crossed the line of mental stability with the aquarium of walker heads and his zombie daughter as a keepsake of his former life, mimicking a Norman Bates with his mother’s skeleton kind of mentality. Needless to say, the Governor must go; and I really hope that Glenn steps in to do the dirty work after having his girlfriend nearly raped by this psychopath.

Meanwhile, prison life just becomes increasingly complicated for the more domestic characters (Hershel, Beth, Carol, and baby Judith) as new survivors find their way into the prison; and Carl must take the lead to determine if they are trustworthy or not. More than likely, this new group will fit in with the main cast because their leader Tyreese is level-headed and seems to want peace and shelter instead of starting trouble.

The new dynamic will pan out once Rick and the others return, but we already know that Rick’s group has become increasingly cautious with every unfamiliar person they meet.

AMC has not disappointed so far with this series in terms of action, gore, drama and even love. The show is slowly moving away from its focus on zombies as the antagonists in this post-apocalyptic world; and the writers have really shown how much humanity is lost when everyone is fighting for the same thing: Survival.

Even though all of the characters are living in same zombie-filled world, they still find a way to exclude, rather than embrace, the other remaining men and women on the planet. AMC may be the best channel in all of television right now; and this Sunday at 9 p.m., I will be firmly planted on my couch to watch the rest of this season unfold.