Letter to the editor: Student criticizes Kernel editorial about Stephen Bilas

(Thursday’s Kernel Editorial: President Bilas, we’re stuck in the middle with you) was garbage; plain and simple.

Think of the UK basketball team.

Do you only support them when they’re winning, or are you behind them all the way?

Mr. Bilas has done a phenomenal job as Student Government President. He is loyal to the approximately 29,000 students he serves, just as he is fully committed to serving this university.

I know him to always be in his office, working hard to have a constantly greater impact. He represents the University with pride and integrity, and he is passionate about his job as president.

I would urge whoever wrote this article to confront President Bilas about any issue before writing something like this.

You could write about some great things Mr. Bilas has done in his tenure as Student Body President.

He is behind #BBNUnited and making strides for big, positive changes that would benefit all UK students and staff.

He also recently donated $5,000 to the Catalyst Coalition for diversity program funding.

About the whole alcohol policy situation, he is working with President Capilouto, reviewing the data and making decisions based on the facts to do what is best for the University as a whole.

Before you write about our Student Government President again, confront him and get the facts.

It’s not ethical to throw someone under the bus like this and cause 29,000 students to question Mr. Bilas’ motives.

I support him 100 percent.