Hemp bill passes through the Senate

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Industrial hemp continues to pass by a landslide through the legislature.

Kentucky State Senate passed Senate Bill 50 to allow industrial hemp into Kentucky’s economy.

The bill was passed through the senate by a 31-6 margin.

Of the six who opposed the legislation, they did so due to continuing concerns by law enforcement and concerns with its economical weight according to the Herald-Leader.

Earlier this week SB 50 passed the Senate Agriculture Committee by a unanimous vote.

SB 50 establishes boundaries for industrial hemp growers by the Department of Agriculture. The conditions include a background check and establishing a license.

The bill requires the department to set the cost of the license by administrative regulation, the Act does not authorize a person to violate federal law and requires periodic reports to the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission.

Kentucky State Police say it would be hard to detect and enforce illegal marijuana if hemp is legal. Hemp and marijuana plants look identical to the naked eye according to Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer.