No need for NOLA: Locals throw own party



By Dan Pauley| @kykernel

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In the spirit of Mardi Gras, a local Cajun restaurant brings the party from New Orleans to Lexington with their Fat Tuesday Party.

“Everyone wants to have a good time for Mardi Gras,” Kevin Heathcoat, co-owner of Bourbon n’ Toulouse, said. “So we had two options. We could either serve our food as usual or we can throw a party.”

Bourbon n’ Toulouse hosted its annual Fat Tuesday Party for the ninth year in a row featuring a selection of Bourbon Street inspired food including king cake, Crawlfish and alligator Étouffée, inspired by the UK vs. Florida basketball game.

One of the biggest events of the night was the crawfish broil where Bourbon n’ Toulouse had over 750 pounds of crawfish delivered to them from New Orleans.

“You can’t beat the food,” said Jeremy Dawson, a psychology senior who dragged his friends with him to party.“The jambalaya is great and the Kentucky Ali is fantastic.”

“This is our Black Friday of the year,” Hurshel Wingate, a manager at Bourbon n’ Toulouse, said. “This is my fourth year doing this and it has been the best turn out by far.”

In addition to their own seating, Bourbon n’ Toulouse turned to the help of The Chevy Chase Inn and The Beer Trappe to help seat the crowds of people that showed up for their food.

“The atmosphere is awesome,” Dawson said. “The beads, the music and the crowd are just incredible.”

“Our goal each year is to have the best Mardi Gras party in town,” Heathcoat said. “Without getting arrested.”