Students urged to participate in SG elections



The end of February signals the coming of elections for Student Government. Each year, the student body is afforded the opportunity to vote for president and vice president, college senators and senators-at-large.

Rather than an annual formality, elections should mark a special occasion when students directly impact the voice heard by the administration and faculty. Though these institutions may seem separate at times, Student Government’s elected representatives offer a consolidated consensus toward positive changes around the university.

Recent changes include the expansion of on-campus housing, secured internships in Washington, D.C. (through WIG) and various campus-wide safety initiatives.

Without collective representation, none of these initiatives would have been possible. Voting ensures SGA is representative of the entire student body and allows it to delegate with the utmost legitimacy on everyone’s behalf.

Elections this year will take place on Feb. 27 and 28. Voting can be done by visiting the SGA website or through various voting stations on campus.

I challenge all of you to participate in the process of selecting your student representatives of the 2013-14 academic year.

Go Cats!