Kernel Editorial: Palli, Ingram have best plan for UK

The Roshan Palli and Jake Ingram ticket is the clear choice to best represent the students at UK for 2013-14.

The Palli-Ingram ticket has a realistic view of what the Student Government president and vice president can accomplish and should focus on.

They understand that it is their job to represent student views on issues to the administration and to work with student organizations on campus, and their ideas were realistic when it comes to representing students.

The Scotty Stutts and Ryan Mosley ticket, at a forum with both tickets Tuesday, focused mostly on making UK a wet campus and expanding student parking. Stutts supports these initiatives as benefits to overall campus safety.

Those stances are popular with and affect many students, but the next SG administration should not focus on making substantial changes to either independently.

What the Student Government president should focus on is conveying student opinions to the UK administration about such initiatives.

Palli seems to understand that a key function of Student Government is to reach out to students while working with other campus leaders.

Palli and Ingram also acknowledged that parking and alcohol-policy issues are already being addressed in the campus master plan being updated with the company Sasaki Associates.

Ingram put it best in the debate when he said that he and Palli were about “so much more than just bringing alcohol back.”

Palli and Ingram mentioned including as many students as possible in Student Government and finding ways to increase student involvement and retention rates. Those are realistic goals for an SG presidential administration, as well as important ones for student leaders to address.

Their proposed Presidential Advisory Board, while not necessarily a perfect way to get in touch with all students on campus, is a good way to connect with non-SG campus leaders and gauge student opinions.

Palli and Ingram discussed meeting with campus officials, such as the parking and transportation office and a safety consultant the university is working with, which shows they are committed to learning about and working with changes the university already has planned. Having prepared student liasions can help students understand how the changes affect them and give them a chance to voice concerns with their representatives.

Ultimately, while the parking, alcohol and lottery issues Stutts and Mosley propose are important to students, an overhaul might not be ideal nor realistic.

The next leaders of UK Student Government must be able to work with the large-scale projects UK is already involved in and make sure student voices are heard in the process and represented in front of the Board of Trustees