Landscaping class showcases colors of fall

By Yan Wang | News writer

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Fall, for many, comes with visions of colorful leaves, festivals and a cool breeze.

A fall landscaping class at the Arboretum  on Tuesday helped students maintain a colorful and lively garden during the harvest season.

Class instructor and horticulturist Jesse Dahl led students throughout the Arboretum and spoke about different plants that will give their yards some color.

Often, gardens look patchy in the fall, Dahl said.

“By adding a couple of trees, you get a lot of colors at fall and it makes your garden come alive,” he said.

As a horticulturist Dahl said he loves fall because it is the season where he can harvest plants that have been growing all year.

“You get to see all your work you’ve done. You get to collect and harvest vegetables and fruits,” he said. “It’s a busy season. We (the Arboretum) get hundreds of visitors all the time coming through just to see the fall’s colors because they’re continually progressing and turning into yellows, reds and purples.”

Other than major sporting events and Halloween, students are looking forward to going to seasonal celebrations.

English senior Lauren Ekes recalled some memories of hanging out with friends and family during an apple and horse festival in Georgetown.

“It’s just a lot of fun, and you get to hang out with friends and spend time with your family,” Ekes said. “(The festival) starts with a chili cook off and then just get a bunch of different horses (from) around the county. Sometimes, they dress the horses up in costumes. It’s a great time to hang out.”