Rating bathrooms on campus



Student Center 3rd Floor Women’s Bathroom (next to the Ballroom)

Cleanliness: A

Sink, stalls and floors were in great condition. No overwhelming odor and feminine trash was empty. The mirrors were cleaned and ready for selfies.

Privacy: A+

If privacy is something you seek in a bathroom experience, climb the stairs to get to the third floor. This bathroom had three separate rooms.

The first room had used couches and chairs that students could utilize for a lunch break or for a nap between classes, and the noise level was kept to a minimum.

The second room was a vanity room. It had rose colored mirrors and vanity shelves lining the interior of the wall. Students sat at the shelf working on homework with headphones in, oblivious to me as I entered the next space.

The final room was the actual bathroom. I was the only person in the restroom, allowing me to take my time and check social media without the stress of having another person in the room.

Facilities: A

Two full rolls of toilet paper were in each stall. Soap and paper towel dispensers were manual and in good condition. All waste was eliminated with one flush.

Graffiti: F

The stall was void of any graffiti.

Overall grade: A-

I love the concept of three rooms but it could be a struggle if one was in a hurry. The noise level was kept to a minimum and the privacy was superb. The stalls did not have any graffiti so if you forgot your phone you would have nothing to entertain you. Overall, it is a great space for female students who need a break or a worry-free space to nap and do homework.