Clearing the path

Building operator Chad Blankenship clears the entryway of the Mining and Minerals Resources Building during the Snow Day in Lexington, Ky., on Tuesday. Photo by Jonathan Krueger


UK closed for the second day in a row on Tuesday, an event that has not happened since approximately the early 2000s, according to UK spokesperson Jay Blanton.

Meteorologist Chris Bailey of the Kentucky Weather Center said Lexington is not yet out of the woods — two to four more inches of snow are expected Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and winds could pick up to 30 miles per hour to blow that snowfall around.

Blanton said that UK’s Physical Plant Division would have crews out at midnight and again at 4 a.m. to address those weather conditions.

“Behind that, the temperatures could get as low as they (possibly can) in this area,” Bailey said.

According to Bailey’s blog post on Tuesday, the more than 10-inch snowfall received on Monday in Lexington and across Kentucky was the heaviest since 1998. It was the fourth-snowiest day in Lexington on record, he added.

Bailey said that the temperature could drop as low as negative 15 degrees on Thursday morning and negative 20 to 25 degrees on Friday.

“The record-coldest day in Lexington was minus-21 (during the 1960s), so that is potentially record breaking — (it’s) history,” Bailey said. “It’s been that long since it’s been this brutally cold.”

Bailey said that as the pattern of cold weather from the Northeast moves downward, Lexington could see more snow and ice over the weekend.

Lexington Police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts wrote in a news release that the Lexington Police Department responded to five injury collisions, 45 non-injury collisions and 470 requests for assistance by motorists between midnight on Monday and midnight on Tuesday.

They also gave 90 rides, she said.

By 4 p.m. on Tuesday, the Lexington Police Department were not called to any injury collisions.

They responded to 28 non-injury collisions, assisted 163 motorists and gave 80 rides.

“To provide context … the conditions on the main roads are improving,” Roberts wrote in the news release. “We are seeing an improvement from yesterday when comparing the number of crashes; however, the numbers were lower this same time yesterday for motorist assists. The roads are still not clear.”