Getting to know the candidates

Austin Mullen and Jenna Hollinden

A: Student fees are a large part of the funding Student Government receives, and thus, it is crucial that we safeguard the resources we are given. It is imperative that the funding, time, university resources and energy afforded to Student Government be utilized in a manner that benefits students.

By having both served on the Senate’s Appropriations and Revenue Committee, we have seen the importance of fiscal responsibility within the Legislative Branch. Our hope is to bring this responsible stewardship to the Executive Branch of SGA. We will add a Director of Finance, who in essence will be the Student Government Treasurer. This position will maintain the budget, as well as seek outside sponsorships for SGA programs allowing a greater allocation of student fees.

A: The current university administration has been very open to students in our time here. Through various avenues, such as emails from President Capilouto, students can stay up to date on issues related to UK ranging from the hiring process of a new Provost to updates on relevant legislation in Frankfort. While this information is effectively communicated to students, we hope to give students an avenue to collaborate with the Administration.

One way in which we hope to do this is through the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. This current initiative brings together student leaders to discuss issues that affect campus. The committee gives students an avenue to work alongside university administration and turn problems into viable solutions. Our team’s experience on this committee will allow for exponential growth and its ensured continuation. We will create a Director of Inclusion position on the Executive Branch of SGA, which will assure that this task force will continue to meet and enact lasting change.

A: Last April, President Eli Capilouto publicly announced the University’s decision to relax the campus alcohol policy. We agree with Dr. Capilouto and are in favor of continuing the work that has begun in moving towards a wet campus. Currently, there is a Health and Safety Task Force responsible for editing the Code of Student Conduct. This committee is responsible not only for alterations to the alcohol policy, but also for providing guidelines for student behavior both on and off campus.

The Student Government Association President is one of the four student representatives on this task force. If elected, Austin will advocate for a timely and responsible implementation of the revised Code of Student Conduct.

Dwight Haggard and Taylor Clark

A: As the Operations and Evaluations Chair of the Student Government Association, my position requires me to research student government constitutions around the nation. One of the current issues we face here at the University of Kentucky is that the comptroller can only recommend the appropriation of funds. While serving as the chair of O&E, I plan to modify the current position of the comptroller to allow him or her to make important decisions on how we allocate our funds. Student government must be student first, government second.

A: Addressing student needs and increasing interactions with the university has and always will be the goal of the elected student body president. We do not believe that the Student Government Association has lacked in their attempt to accomplish this goal, but we do believe SGA must find better avenues to make these goals happen. Our plan is simple: we reach out to students with our impACT plan. ImpACT requires senators to spend thirty minutes outside of the SGA office during their office hour. During that thirty minutes senators will interact with students they have never met before, educating them on SGA’s goal, and figuring out issues each student faces with the university. The next thirty minutes will be used inside the office to record the information given by the student to the senator so that senators can reach out to each student individually.

A: In our campus plan, we describe what we believe to be the best method concerning the administration’s plan to amend the current alcohol policy. We understand that it is not up to the student body president and vice president to make this campus wet. We believe that there needs to be a stronger voice against the policy from the student body president than there has been in the past. The task force working to implement the “moist” campus policy must understand that students are very unhappy about the disconnection between the administration and students concerning the administration’s decision on alcohol. We are calling for a specific date agreed upon by our office and the administration to inform students when the new policy will be applied.