State Senate approves new research building at UK

University President Eli Capilouto announced on Tuesday that the Kentucky Senate approved a proposal for $132.5 million in state funding for a multi-disciplinary research facility at UK.

The proposal was approved by the Kentucky House of Representatives on Feb. 13 and will continue to Governor Steve Beshear.

The House of Representatives voted 83-9 in support of the funding for the research building.

The university has committed to matching the state’s almost $133 million contribution, which should only pay for half of the projected building cost.

Capilouto wrote in the campus-wide email that the university’s contributions will come from research awards generated by UK members and private fund-raising.

“Over the last several weeks, I have been gratified by the strong support we have received from party leaders and rank-and-file members of both chambers and both parties,” Capilouto wrote in the email. “This facility — envisioned by our Board of Trustees at their October 2014 Retreat — will bring together researchers and others across our campus, from a host of disciplines, working side-by-side on the issues that most challenge our state.”

The research building will focus on reducing the number of preventable deaths in Kentucky, like those from heart disease, cancer and accidents.

“Our policy-makers’ vision is based on their faith in you,” Capilouto wrote in the email. “They understand what I see every day — talent, intellect, commitment and compassion among so many faculty, researchers, clinicians, staff, and students across an array of disciplines.”