“Tie-Dye Tuesday’ returns to campus

By Haley Simpson

[email protected]

The 1960s may have come and gone, but tie dye lives forever.

With warm weather comes the season of colorful clothes, and the Student Activities Board is embracing the sun with Tie Dye Tuesday.

SAB will give away free tank tops for students to tie dye from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday on the Student Center patio.

Abbey Tillman, director of campus life for SAB, said the group ordered about 350 tank tops for the event.

“Last year we ordered about 350 tank tops and we ran out,” Tillman said. “This year we ordered about the same number and we are definitely anticipating running out of tank tops again.”

Students will only be allowed to tie dye one tank top courtesy of SAB, but they can bring clothing of their own to dye in addition to the free tank top.

“In the past we’ve had people that have brought underwear, socks and other t-shirts, so we’re not telling people to bring their own, but we’re not going to tell them they can’t do that,” Tillman said.

This is the second consecutive year Tillman has coordinated Tie Dye Tuesday. Last year, the event took place before Spring Break so students could wear a tie died tank top for during their excursions.

This year, after researching the weather, Tillman decided it would be best to hold off and do something in preparation for summer break.

“The purpose is really to have a moment out of the day where students can take a break from classes and tie dye a tank top, and also have something that they can take away from the event, “ Tillman said. “It’s kind of that theme of relaxation and taking a break from the daily activities.”