Internship session to help students get jobs

By Jared Hoskins

[email protected]

The Stuckert Career Center is hosting an internship information session Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. for all interested students. The hour-long session will provide insights into the process of finding and applying for internships.

Cindy Edwards, UK’s coordinator of experiential education, advised students to take advantage of the benefits provided by participating in an internship.

“Employers encourage all students, freshman through seniors, to participate in an internship,” Edwards said. “Employers are often reluctant to hire students who have not participated.”

Through an internship students can gain relevant experience in their particular fields of study and gain insights into professional fields that course work alone can not provide, Edwards said.

Internships also provide students with the opportunity to gain contacts in their field of choice, which is beneficial when applying for employment.

Students can apply for academic or non-credit internships. Academic internships allow students to gain credit through participation; this is the option recommended for most students by the Stuckert Career Center. These positions can be paid or unpaid.

The alternative option is a non-credit internship. Non-credit internships are paid positions with the exception of non-profit organizations, but no academic credit can be gained through participation.

The Career Center advises all students interested in participating in an internship to first attend an information session.

Edwards, who will be leading the information session, also encouraged students to make an individual appointment with her if they require additional information.

Appointments can be made through the Career Center. An additional information session will be held on May 6.