Career Center: Internships should be considered a necessity

By Jared Hoskins

[email protected]

The Stuckert Career Center hosted an information session Wednesday for students interested in participating in an internship.

Cindy Edwards, UK coordinator of experiential education, lead the meeting. Edwards said internship experience should be viewed as a necessity for students.

“Employers are telling us that students are struggling to communicate with them,” Edwards said. “Students aren’t developing the articulation skills that are vital in the workplace.”

To find an internship opportunity, students can search the Career Center’s online job database, individual employer websites or attend one of the UK employer showcases held every semester.
The Career Center recommends that students seek academic credit through participation in an internship. A faculty sponsor and department approval are necessary to receive credit through participation. Students must also complete an academic learning contract to receive credit.

To receive the 3 credits provided by a typical class, students must complete 144 work hours at their specific internship. This process gives students the feedback to decide if they would be interested in working full time in the field in which they intern.

“There’s no way of knowing if you’ve chosen the correct career path until you get out and work in the real world,” Edwards said.

Although internship participation early in college isn’t as common as it is for upperclassmen, Edwards advised younger students to get involved.

“Participating in internships early in college makes you more competitive for participation down the road,” Edwards said.

Any student interested in learning more about internship opportunities can attend an information session Tuesday in the Stuckert Career Center. Students can also make individual appointments through the Career Center.