An Infinite World

By Brennan Fielder

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UK alumnus Anthony Jones recently released the second book in his “Infinity” trilogy.

Jones realized at an early age that he wanted to write. While studying abroad in Scotland as an English major at UK, he read what would inspire him to write the trilogy.

Jones’ first novel “Grandfather” tells the story of a pre-dystopic society.

“A lot of the popular books right now such as the “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” tell the story starting in the middle of a dystopia and I thought it would be interesting to show the beginning and where it all started,” Jones said.

Jones worked on “Grandfather” while a student at UK. He found assistance from English professor Gurney Norman, who helped Jones with the first chapter of the novel.

While writing his second novel, Jones relocated to Houston, Texas, and has showcased his novel at book fairs and ribbon-cutting ceremonies for bookstores in the Houston area.

The second book of the trilogy, “The Grandmother Society,” was released this past Saturday. Both are available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle under his pen name, Anthony Wade.

Jones said he was inspired by the writing of J.K. Rowling and D.J. MacHale. He aspires to have the same success that they have had.

“Don’t give up, it’s really hard to get your book out there and get it to readers who will like it,” Jones said.

Jones is currently working on the third and final book in the trilogy and expects it to come out later this year.

He said he plans on expanding the “Infinity” universe even further after the trilogy is completed.

More information on the “Infinity” universe and its author can be found on Jones’ website, and on Twitter @Anthony_Wade_.