VIP Center aims to prevent peer-based violence at UK

By Sarah Brookbank

[email protected]


The Violence Intervention and Prevention Center sits in the basement of Frazee Hall, next to the remains of the Student Center.

The VIP Center provides intervention and advocacy services that are geared toward preventing peer-based personal violence for UK students, faculty and staff.

Rhonda Henry, the Director of the VIP Center said that they focus on providing education and support for those who have faced sexual assault and gender and relationship based violence on campus.

“We provide an expertise at a college level,” Henry said.

Their services include working with survivors to cope and recover from violence through problem solving, support and confidentiality. VIP coordinates with other local organizations to provide medical resources and legal advice. VIP also focuses on part of their namesake: intervention.

“We’re teaching first responders how to help get people to resources,” Henry said.

Henry said that their services include educating first responders. VIP provides green dot training, a program that teaches people how to respond to and prevent sexual violence.

Green dot training also focuses on the intersection of many cultural issues and is catered to certain audiences. These audiences include resident advisers, UK101 students and volunteers.

Most UK students are familiar with Haven. According to Henry, Haven is an introductory course that aims to prevent sexual assault and violence on campus.