Troye Sivan’s music career is just beginning

With almost 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel — and a voice like velvet —  the Australian artist, Troye Sivan, is on the rise. But why has his fame and popularity not taken over the U.S.? Mainly because Americans haven’t heard much about him.

Sivan started his acting career very young. He landed a lead role in the film trilogy “Spud” and was also cast in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Sivan then turned to YouTube in October 2007 and has gained a huge following worldwide. He began posting covers of famous songs by artists including Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Jason Mraz and Foster the People. Sivan then started writing and composing his own music.

Throughout the years, Troye Sivan has consistently put out content for his YouTube viewers. His videos range from him goofing around in his room and playing pranks on his family, to serious and personal discussions about his life and advice for his viewers. The one thing that can be seen in all of his videos is his genuineness. Even though he is becoming more and more famous, he has kept his head and is still the same Troye that he was from the start. This is what makes him so enjoyable to watch and why more people should look him up.

Sivan’s first major EP, entitled “TRXYE,” came out in August 2014 and included five original songs. His style of music resonates with the younger crowd because it is a well-blended mixture of relaxed and upbeat tempos. It’s surprising that his work has yet to hit the radio in the U.S. While, his most recent EP “WILD” just came out this September, it includes another six original songs. Sivan writes all of the lyrics, and creates all of the music and beats that go into his songs. He is truly a talented and well-rounded singer, songwriter and composer.

Why should more people listen to Sivan’s music? Because he deserves it. Many new artists become so caught up in the fame and the uphill rise of their popularity that they quickly find themselves spiraling downhill, because they let the spotlight get the best of them.

Not Troye Sivan. If anything, his growing fame and fan base has inspired him to work even harder. He has seen how his fans love him for who he is, and throughout his career he’s never pulled a “Miley Cyrus” and changed everything about himself to gain popularity with the media.

His newest EP showcases his heart and pure passion for his work. Troye revealed to his YouTube viewers that every lyric comes from a personal experience. When listening to his songs the pain, passion, love, guilt, fear and excitement can be felt in every word.

Continuing his acting career, Troye has been releasing music videos to three of the songs on his EP. Parts 1 and 2 of the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy have already been aired, and can be found on Sivan’s Vevo channel on YouTube. Part 3 is already being advertised for. While, Part 1 showcases his song “Wild,” the title song for his EP, Part 2 showcases his song “Fools,” and Part 3 is still a mystery.

Although he is young, it is certain that Troye Sivan has a long career ahead of him. At the age of 20 he has managed to gain fans worldwide, and there is no doubt that his career in the U.S. will take off shortly. Be a step ahead of everyone else and check out his work now.

Paidin Dermody is a journalism freshman. 

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