Preparing ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

By Rebecca Watters [email protected] @kykernel On early Saturday afternoon, while most students were sleeping before a long day of tailgating, student actors flooded into the Guignol Theatre. With coffee and script in hand, they’re ready to transform themselves into their characters for one of many four hour rehearsals. As stage manager, theater junior Lucas Southworth prepared the space for rehearsal long before the actors arrived. His duties include taking notes during rehearsals, filling out reports and requesting breaks. “I usually get here about a half hour before everyone else. I get my trusty stage manager kit, which has a solution in case anything goes wrong,” Southworth said. “And I’m usually the last one out of here, doing everything I did at the beginning in reverse.” The theater department will perform Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” this October. Though opening night is more than a month away, preparation is in full swing. “We’ve really been working on accents and dialects,” co-director Christina Ritter said. “As we get closer to opening night, we want that foundation to be built. Typically for rehearsal, the actors come in early to get themselves ready and then we start rehearsal. It’s a lot of starting and stopping right now while the actors work on characterization and lines.” Behind the scenes, producer Nancy Jones took charge of what’s left: everything from renting and ordering microphones to marketing and publicity and budgeting. “It’s an interesting job because you do everything and nothing. I’m the person who coordinates all the different areas. I always attend rehearsals to make sure the show has our level of artistic excellence,” Jones said. Prior to opening night, the theater will transform into a Victorian Era set, which was inspired by the time period of the show. The blue-grey painted floor will resemble hardwood with a flower emblem in the middle. The furniture and props will be simple but will adhere to the time period. “It’s a simple set, and I think a lot of that has to do with it being such a silly play. I know the costumes will really ground the time period, but otherwise we want the focus on the plot,” Southworth said. While the ensemble works long hours both on and off stage, Jones hopes it pays off when the audience sees the performance. “It’s a really funny pharmacy online play. In some ways, it’s very contemporary with social media because you can curate the life you want to, and this is what this play is about ­­­— showing people what you want them to see,” she said. “It’s timeless. What is funny about this play remains funny in 2015.” In October, when the canadian pharmacy online lights go down and Southworth calls his first cue, the cast and crew’s months of hardwork will be rewarded. “At that time, it all becomes really real, really fast,” Southworth said. Tickets can be found online at All performances will be in the Guignol Theatre Oct. 8-11 and 15-18. Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for the general public.