Time for a seasonal showdown: spring and summer



There are so many cialis online benefits of warm weather and so many summer activities that trump anything one can do when the weather outside is frightful. For one, living in warm weather tends to promote healthier living. Research shows that exposure to sunlight increases the body’s vitamin D levels, which can prevent cancer, increase energy levels and keep bones strong. Sunlight exposure is also a natural remedy for depression and stress, making it beneficial for both the body and mind. Warm weather is also proven to be healthier for the circulatory and respiratory systems, as death rates are typically higher in colder climates. In addition, people are more physically active in the summer and less so in the colder months. Supporters of the colder months point out that the best holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween occur during the fall. But we aren’t arguing which is the best holiday, we’re arguing about the seasons. Last I checked, citizens of Florida have just as much of a happy Thanksgiving as those of us bracing the dreary weather. Besides, two of the year’s best holidays, Easter and Independence Day, occur during warm months. Critics of summer complain that the heat makes you sweat, and that you can put on as much clothes as you want to stay warm, but you can only “de-layer” so much to stay cool. But I’m here to say that I’ll take a little sweat on my forehead over having ice-cold wind punching me in the face any day of the week. And consider all the activities fit for summer that aren’t as enjoyable in a cold climate: swimming, staying outside for long periods without looking like a frontiersman, camping, biking, hiking — almost any outdoor activity is more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about freezing. To round off my point, ask yourself this question. Isn’t it so canadian pharmacy much more enjoyable to just throw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt and run out into the sun than having to worry about which parts of your body might freeze off if they aren’t properly covered? Admittedly, watching the leaves change colors during autumn and a fresh blanket of snow fall on the ground are beautiful sights. But the warmth of a summer day at the beach is what will make you feel the most alive. Cheyene Miller is the managing editor of the Kentucky Kernel. [email protected]