Five beers to Fall for



Ah, fall. The season of leaf piles, hay rides, Halloween and apple cider — oh, and fall beers! There’s nothing quite like sitting around a cozy bonfire with your favorite people and a refreshing brew. Since we’re finally in my favorite season of the year, here are my top five autumnal beers to check out.

In fifth place, the Lagunitas Lil Sumpin’ Extra (8.5%). While this one might not be classically fall themed, it’s sure to keep you a bit warmer on a chilly night under a full moon. It’s a beefed up take on Lagunitas’ classic Lil Sumpin’ concoction, so you can expect the same refreshing, piney hops and orange peel tones. This beer’s predominantly-wheat backbone gives it substance to contrast the fantastic hoppy taste. Because of its higher ABV, however, I would suggest splitting a six-pack with your best bud or making a day drink out of it. Or don’t! That’s your prerogative.

For fourth, the Founders Breakfast Stout (8.3%). I believe in drinking at all hours of the day (and night) and, trust me, this incredible blend of chocolates, coffee and flaked oats is about a billion times more enjoyable to sip with some eggs and bacon than your standard PBR mimosa would be. Ya’ know those beers that you just wish you could hold in your mouth for eternity because that would solve all of your problems? This is the one true king of those beers. Do NOT pass up an opportunity to snag this gem.

Third place goes to Blue Moon’s Caramel Apple Spiced Ale (5.8%). The first traditional autumnal beer in this list is everything that regular apple cider wishes it could be. It doesn’t matter if you’re pumpkin pickin’ in a nearby patch or telling ghost stories around the fire, this brew is excellent for nearly every seasonal occasion. It pours a soft amber color with a thin head that doesn’t stick around for too long. The smell is superior, flooded with delicious tones of cinnamon and grains. This beer’s low ABV makes it quite a crowd-pleaser. Drink this charming beer to your heart’s delight.

West Sixth’s DankeChain (5.5%) takes the second place spot. I would be remiss if I didn’t put an Oktoberfest beer in this mix. That’s what they made fall for, right? Lexington is lucky enough to call this delightful Marzen one of its own. Its festive orange hue and subtle citrus smell compliment its floral hoppy taste. It doesn’t take more than a well-poured pint of this rockstar beer to transport you to the streets of Munich during the height of the month’s festivities. Don’t miss this winner before the season’s over!

First place undisputedly goes to the Southern Tier Warlock (10%). Y’all, I’m telling you — do NOT sleep on this champion of a brew. You will fall endlessly into a magical pool of coffee, pumpkins, burnt sugar and chocolate on your first sip. If you’ve been previously turned off by Southern Tier’s Pumking (I know I certainly have), fear not. This iteration is infinitely more amazing. Ever since I first tried this beer at Lexington’s “Fest of Ales” a few weeks ago, I’ve been scouring the shelves of the liquor store every time I seek out a new brew. I wish I could buy a pint of this legend for every single person who reads this column.

There you go, brew lovers! That’s what I’ll be drinking for the next three months. Hope you get a chance to pleasure your taste buds with these delectable beverages very soon.

Adam Pennavaria is the Beer Columnist of the Kentucky Kernel. He dedicates this week’s column to Tom Harper. 

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