Students give feedback about parking on campus


John Reed a Parking Control Officer for the University of Kentucky writes a ticket for an illegally parked vehicle. Photo by Mike Weaver

By Megan Ingros

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Year after year, both new and returning students struggle to find parking on or near campus as the university’s population grows larger and greater amounts of freshmen pour onto campus.

According to UK Parking and Transportation Services, daytime permits for the 2015-16 academic year are $272 for commuter, residential, stadium, disabled accessible and Donovan scholars parking, while evening passes are $136. Motorcycle permits cost $80 and limited permits are $56.

General parking violations and overtime meter violations carry a $25 fine, while parking in a disability accessible spot without a proper permit is a $100. Parking in fire lanes results in a $75 fine and the improper use of a permit costs $175.

“I parked on North campus out in front of the Visitor Center and there were tick marks on the pavement, so it looked like a parking space and I still got a ticket,” said Miriam Hazlett, a kinesiology sophomore. “I asked how was I supposed to know and (the parking enforcement officer) shrugged his shoulders and walked off.”

Hazlett, who now parks up to a 30-minute walk from her required destination on campus, said she wished there was more specific information on where people can park than the parking maps because she thinks the current system is confusing.

Chrissie Tune, a senior marketing and promotions specialist for PTS, said the university has added about 900 new parking spots since May and is looking for other parking and alternative transportation options.

The university does not track daily totals, but Tune said the university made almost $730,000 from citations and about $69,000 from impoundments during the fiscal year of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

Computer engineering junior Mark Noblin said there’s usually plenty of parking on campus after 3:30 p.m. but it can be difficult to find parking earlier in the day.

“It’s decent for students to have a pass, as long as you have some kind of pass,” Noblin said. “Usually I pay eight to ten dollars the days that I drive in to park in the parking garage.”

Noblin said he has paid somewhere from $30 to $40 for parking over the past few days while it has been raining.

“The last round of Transportation Master Plan Forums is slated for next week and will provide an opportunity for feedback on that front,” said Tune in regard to students and staff being able to give feedback about parking on campus.