When meditating, let the traffic of the mind flow



For many, meditation can be a daunting undertaking. Not only do you not know how to do it, you also don’t comprehend the goal of it.

There’s no A to B standard, which is what we as Americans are used to.

For example, when you go to the gym you (A) work out in order to (B) loose weight, gain muscle, create tone, or all of the above.

The same goes for writing a paper. You go to the library to (A) research and write a paper in order to (B) turn it in. Meditation is a completely different beast.

After working out during his lunch hour, my boyfriend Tyler meditates so he can remain calm and stress-free at his job. His coworkers often ask him, “How do you do it? How do you turn your brain off?”

The thing is, meditation isn’t about “turning your brain off.” That’s impossible. Your brain is supposed to work and move.

Meditation is simply observing your mind, acknowledging those thoughts, letting them go and centering your focus back on breath.

One guided meditation on the app “Headspace” compared meditation to observing traffic. Imagine every car on a busy intersection is labeled as a thought. If you try to focus on all the cars at the same time you become overwhelmed.

The goal of meditation is to simply allow you to sit back, be aware of the traffic and let it flow freely — appreciate the traffic of your mind as it drifts by. These thoughts are normal and should come naturally. Don’t get stuck in the middle of the traffic and become overwhelmed by all the cars (your thoughts).

Allow your thoughts to happen and observe them as they drift through your mind and voilà. You, my friend, are meditating.


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