Teamwork skills put to the test in ‘Breakout’

By Chirstin Kennedy

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Fans of riddles, puzzles, problem solving, and an exciting night should plan a visit to Breakout Lexington.

Breakout Lexington is an experience filled with real-life adventures for groups of eight or less.

“Breakout is a really cool environment.” said Mary Jane Belland, an employee for Breakout. “It is something new to do as a part of their life on weekends.”

The ultimate goal is to escape the room in one hour or less, by solving a series of problems, puzzles, and riddles. Breakout Games is a national chain and in Lexington, there are multiple rooms and adventures to break out of. Groups have the option to escape from an island that will soon face a volcanic eruption, save the Kentucky Derby from an evil vet who wants to steal the $2 million prize or escape from a group of kidnappers.

“You really have to do it as a group. Team work is everything in winning this game,” Belland said. “You have to announce everything you find and be loud about it so that other players know.”

At the beginning of each game rules are given to people by a game master. The game master is there to help people whenever they get stuck throughout the duration of the game. In each room there are clipboards of rules on how to set up each room. Game masters often go over rules before people enter the game. Generally, they tell people what exactly to do, the ultimate motive, and give as much advice as possible without ruining the experience before it starts.

“Our average of people varies each night,” said Justine Cryder, another employee.

Hundreds will try to escape the room in 60 minutes or less, but only 20 percent will actually succeed.

Breakout Lexington is located on North Ashland Avenue. The cost to participate in Breakout Lexington ranges from $15 to $22 per person.

“I had a lot of fun participating in Breakout,” public health senior Christina Lucas said. “It is a really fun thing to do and it is also different from your average activities.”

Jamarl Bryant, an apparel and textile senior, liked participating in the Haunted Cellar.

The Haunted Cellar combined standard breakout games with Fright Nights, a haunted attraction in Lexington. While you try to escape from a murderer who killed his family with a rusted pipe people also to solve puzzles.

“You really have to use common sense to win a game,” Bryant said. “We were so close to breaking out of the cellar.”

The hour time limit combined with the intensity of the challenges can trip people up.

“We made it to the very end with only one minute to spare but we just couldn’t figure out the last puzzle,” Bryant said.

Bryant said he would come back to Breakout to attempt to escape the room.

For more information regarding Breakout Lexington and how to you can book a time and date, visit them at or call them at (859)-904-9090.