Bluetique an affordable option for apparel



Kentucky women know their style, and the term southern­ comfort comes to mind when entering the doors to Bluetique. Being a local boutique gives them the advantage of knowing their customers, and they know them well.

Since 2011, Bluetique has been bringing fun fashion to Lexington. Their clothing is eye­catching, versatile and agreeable with  everyday style.

Its close location to campus makes it easy for girls at UK to visit. This seems to be well thought out, considering the campus demographic represents most of their consumers.

Bluetique stocks a variety of clothes. On one hand, you can find dresses and stylish blouses that are perfect for looking cute at games or dates. On the other, they have Kentucky streetwear.

Bluetique’s overall aesthetic is one to which I find many women can adhere. From sporty to derby chic, there is not one style overlooked. And it is easy to find what you want. Yet, this does not hold true for every figure. Some may find it hard to find their size or even their correct length of skirt. Bluetique carries clothing tailored for a specific body type. Hemlines run short, and their large stops at a size 10.

When the average dress size in America runs around a size 14, it seems like they are selling themselves short. But they can only market what their brands provide.

The architecture inside Bluetique is a selling point all of its own. Open lighting and spacious flooring make for an appealing shopping experience. Add to that the organization and color­coded racks of clothing, and you have a neat freak’s dream.

Accessories line wide wood tables along the front, and the jewelry towers glitter with gold. It is a display of how aware Bluetique’s owners are to their customers’ wants. Being inside the store makes you yearn to buy something.

When it comes to the price ­range Bluetique rarely has anything less than $20. But it is completely worth it. The fabrics are of good quality. If they get taken care of they can last a long time.

There are a few overpriced items, which is to be expected to a boutique. Most everything in there stays in the $30-$­50 range, but they do have items that cost a lot more. Bluetique’s prices are comparable to Francesca’s, another similarly-themed boutique.

And of course, Bluetique has its fair share of Kentucky Blue. There is a whole area of the store dedicated to the special hue, and also a rack of state shaped jewelry to match. Who said spirit wear has to be athletic?

Truly, the most amazing thing about Bluetique is that on Tuesdays UK students get 10 percent off any regular store purchases. So get on down to the little corner of blue and support your local business. It is good for the economy. Just kidding. You will look cute for the winter, and we all know where our real priorities are.

Aspen Gage is an ISC freshman.

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