A home for the holidays



By Cheyenne Abrams

[email protected]

Shop Local Kentucky, a store filled with plaid, Kentucky and bourbon themed clothing, has opened a temporary store location for the holidays.

The shop, located on Woodland Avenue, is the physical manifestation of the social media and online-based store, which has about 55,000 followers on Instagram.

They modeled their location after a “freight location” store in New York City — a traveling truck that would set up shop wherever they wanted.

Shop Local Kentucky was started last summer by Rick Paynter when he created an Instagram account to pass the time. The account is full of pictures of Kentucky scenery, their Kentucky-themed clothing and shout-outs to other local businesses.

According to Shop Local Kentucky’s website, they saw state pride everywhere and “thought that folks should have something to mirror that state pride.”

Despite being a primarily web-based store, Paynter says he is pleased with the temporary location and it being so close to campus.

“It brings in a lot of walking traffic, when we opened in October it was unusually warm and a lot of people came in,” Paytner said.

Paytner also said while they do well online, having an actual shop saves cost for buyers on shipping.

“I think we’re unique because we are our own brand, we’re not what everyone is talking about,” Paytner said. “We don’t just slap a wildcat or something UK on it to please the crowd.”

Paynter said they cater to ages 18-24 and offer unique items from donuts shaped like Kentucky to “old school” style raglans.

“I’m super excited, I have driven by (the store) and I can’t wait to go in,” said Kaitlyn Kennedy, a political science freshman.

The shop on Woodland Avenue will close after the holiday season, but Paynter said they are looking into finding a permanent home outside of the Internet.

Go to more thekyshop.com for more information and follow them on Instagram.