Looking ahead to Greek Sing 2022


Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity performs at Greek Sing at Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, March 7, 2015 in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo by Joel Repoley | Staff

Kendall Staton

Greek Sing, the largest Greek Philanthropy event on UK’s campus, is scheduled for April 2 in Memorial Coliseum. Hosted by Chi Omega and Beta Theta Phi, money is raised by different Greek organizations across campus to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

On April 2, chapters will gather in Memorial Coliseum to perform dance numbers they have been preparing all year. Chapters can win “spirit points” to aid in the competition leading up to the final fundraiser through certain events held throughout the year.

The COVID-19 pandemic canceled Greek Sing 2021 due to safety concerns. Chi Omega President Gigi Hill said she is excited to be back hosting this event safely and in person. She shared that she has high hopes for the turnout.

“We all missed Greek Sing. Being able to finally bring the event back to UK’s campus is beyond exciting for our chapter,” Hill said. “It almost feels like we are counting down to Christmas!”

Hill credits most of the hard work for Greek Sing 2022 to Chi Omega’s Greek Sing chairs, Grace Bush and Morgan Sjogren, and Beta Theta Pi’s Greek Sing chairs Trendon Byrne and Kameron Kraus.

Byrne and Kraus called this year a “rebuilding year” due to the COVID pandemic.

“The pandemic took away the majority of Greek Sing 2021 from us,” Kraus said. “How we structured our event this year is kind of a blueprint for years to come, which added some pressure but will make it all worthwhile.”

In order to set this year’s event apart from Greek Sing of years past, they added the first ever “Buzz-a-Beta” event. “Buzz-a-Beta” is a fundraising opportunity in which members of Beta Theta Pi volunteered to receive haircuts from donors to incentivise people to donate to the cause.

Sjogren said one of the main goals of Greek Sing this year is to encourage involvement in the community. She aims to make this an enjoyable experience for all participants.

“After almost a year of planning, it’s so exciting to see all the pieces come together,” Sjogren said. “The passion the community here in Lexington and outside of Kentucky had for Greek Sing is heartwarming.”

Byrne said his fraternity is excited to see performances from other chapters, hoping to provide a fun environment for families that attend their event.

“We are most looking forward to watching the families, especially the kids, have fun and not have to worry about anything going on outside of our event for a couple of hours,” Bryne said.

While Chi Omega and Beta Theta Pi are the hosts, members of all of UK’s Greek organizations are excited to participate.

Savanna Burke, a member of UK’s Alpha Delta Pi sorority, said that everyone in her chapter is involved in the process of preparing for Greek Sing. Burke is on the makeup committee this year and is looking forward to her chapter’s performance of “Halo” by Beyoncé.

“Some of the best memories I and a lot of other girls in my chapter have are centered around Greek Sing,” she said. “This event is one that our whole Greek community cherishes and looks forward to. It’s so cool to see the impact that this passion has on the kids that need it most.”

Burke also said that Greek Sing is a great way for her sorority to show their hearts for service and support their neighbors, Chi Omega.

While the dancing and community-building around Greek Sing is something that most members of Greek Life look forward to, the main point of the event is to raise money for Make-A-Wish. This year, the event set a goal to raise $175,000, which will help sponsor wishes for 22 children, according to Greek Sing’s Facebook page.

UK’s Lambda Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega was recently given the Society of Joy award for raising over $500,000 for Greek Sing in the past five years — the only Greek Life organization in Kentucky to have been recognized for this achievement.

First year Phi Delta Theta member Dallas Care called Greek Sing a wonderful tradition. While he is excited to have a good time with his fellow members, his main goal is to raise money.

“Being able to contribute to a great cause while having fun with my fraternity brothers is a great experience,” he said. “Knowing that I am a part of a great cause pushes me to work hard to make Greek Sing 2022 the best experience possible.”