Best Friend Bar to bring rugged tunes for Saturday’s show

Jamilyn Hall

Before the hair pulling and all-nighters begin, students can relax with a mixture of local musicians and beer Saturday night. Best Friends Bar, on the corner of Euclid and Woodland Ave, is hosting a show full of local bands.

The bar is hosting the show, organized by WRFL.

“We have done hundreds of shows since 1988. It ends up being around 30 a year,” said Nathan Hewitt, WRFL General Manager. “Part of our mission is supporting local music and art.”                 

The Elsinores, Daryl Cook and Live Island will be headlining.        

“The music business is making money, but that’s not what I am interested in,” said Joey Elsinore, singer and bass guitarist of The Elsinores. “I am more interested in meaningful, edgy and good music.”

Underclassmen can join in on the music, with a charge of $5 for 18 plus. People 21 and older can get in for $3.

“A lot of the music that I like, and connect with, is stuff that might not be for everybody,” Elsinore said. “But for the people that it does mean something to, it means a lot.”

According to, known as events for me, The Elsinores have been active in Lexington since 2011. Their latest album, “New Forms,” was released in late 2015.

“This show has some of Lexington’s best local talent. There’s a lot more out there in Lexington than this, but The Elsinores are really great,” Hewitt said.

The other band headlining, Daryl Cook (also known as Daryl Strawberry), has been in the local music scene of Lexington for many years.

“Daryl Cook is a long time musician in this area. He has done lots of different types of projects,” Hewitt said. “I am really excited to see what he comes up with for this show.”  

DJing will be Live Island, joining the two bands at Best Friend Bar.

“Ben Allen (of Live Island) will be DJing in between sets and before Daryl gets started,” Hewitt said.

Students can expect some rugged and original music coming out of Best Friends Bar on Saturday.

“I think that it’s not as important for me to be making something that is for everyone,” Elsinore said. “It’s important to make something that connects with certain people on a level that goes beyond what you would expect from pop-music.”

According to Hewitt, WRFL uses part of its funding to bring in artists from out of town that wouldn’t normally be in Lexington.

“We really just want to be an integral part of Lexington’s culture, and we want students to be part of that culture too,” Hewitt said.

Doors will open at 8:30 p.m., and music will start at 9:30.