Support Capilouto’s stand against budget cuts

Photo by Tessa Lighty | Staff

Editorial Staff

UK President Eli Capilouto made headlines by calling Bevin’s budget cuts “draconian” to the House Postsecondary Education Budget Subcommittee on Thursday. His efforts standing up for the university are well-received, and we hope that he stands up for students in particular.

Bevin’s proposed budget cuts the university’s general funds by 4.5 percent this fiscal year and 9 percent the next, followed by a new program for outcomes-based allocation of funds. The details of this program have yet to be completed.

In his speech, Capilouto emphasized that this is Kentucky’s university, and the future of the university is up to the government.

“I ask you on behalf of 30,000 students, 12,500 employees, and 40,000 patients to help us,” Capilouto said. “Help us to continue serving our Commonwealth. We are your university, we are your university for Kentucky.”

Since the release of Bevin’s budget proposal, commentators around Kentucky have expressed disappointment with Bevin’s approach to higher education.

While the threats to UK are not life-threatening, cutting higher education means risking our state’s ability to be a leader in research and the humanities.

Moreover, the budget cuts make it easier to justify raising tuition again, but Capilouto should reject this idea.

While state appropriations have fallen by $57 million since 2007, tuition from revenue has risen by $178 million in the same time period.

Even if state appropriations continue to fall, this does not justify the quickly tightening squeeze on students. So, if Capilouto fails to raise state appropriations for the university, students should not be the ones footing the bill.

Nevertheless, as Capilouto said, “The simple truth is this – we don’t make Kentucky better tomorrow by reducing investments in education.”

In an email to campus, Capilouto asked students to contact legislators in opposition to the proposed cuts. Students can find their legislator online at or by calling 800-372-7181.

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