TRIGGER POINT: Nonstop Thriller of Historical and International Suspense


“Riveting and authentic. If you thought ‘Casino’ was good, you won’t be able to put this book down.”

– David B.B. Helfrey, former federal prosecutor and head of the Federal Organized Crime Strike Force in Kansas City, MO, and inspiration for the movie “Casino.”

TRIGGER POINTWhen the CIA recruited him, they said he would need to make sacrifices for his country.

He’d be asked to give up his name, his personal life, his freedom and his morals. Now he must ask, “how much can a man sacrifice for his country and remain true to himself?”

That’s what Midwestern farm boy Nicholas Ford is faced with in Tony Roth’s debut work “Trigger Point” (Full Bloom Press), a nonstop thriller of historical suspense and international intrigue.

They spotted it in him early, the ability to turn off his emotions when something pushed him over the edge. Combined with his lightning-quick mind, razor-sharp reflexes and all-American farm-boy charm, Nick was a real find for his CIA handler.

Now those qualities are being put to the ultimate test.


Deep undercover with the alias “Sean Smith,” Nick poses as a graduate student in agriculture, interning for the USAID in Colombia. It’s 1986, and he’s up to his ears in contra rebels, Central American dictators, corrupt officials, undercover operatives, political assassins, special ops and a gorgeous Spanish interpreter who is far more than what she seems.

Eager to prove himself on his first major assignment, Sean sets aside the values and morals he was raised with in America’s heartland. President Ronald Reagan’s agenda in Central America is pushing Sean’s CIA handler to extreme measures. The team needs to manipulate opposing forces in Nicaragua and Panama to topple dictatorial regimes and maintain friendly allies. Bribery, extortion, torture — nothing is beyond the scope of their mission.

His undercover work as Sean takes a toll. Nick’s marriage is dissolving before it even starts, and his father no longer sees the loyal son he raised. Nick’s heart and conscience are tormented with every lie, ordered kill and affair. His future with the agency is in question.

Can he complete his first assignment before he’s asked to give up not only his identity, but his life?

You’ll love this first novel in the Nicholas Ford series, torn from the pages of history and showing the struggle in Central America in a way you never imagined it.


Tony RothTony Roth has been a farmer, Eagle Scout, college athlete, musician and serial entrepreneur. He has flown more than 11 million miles, holds six patents and is the youngest of five competitive brothers. He almost joined the seminary but thought better of it. A veteran in creating startup companies, Roth founded a national care management company in 2014 in honor of his late father. Nicholas Ford was created over many glasses of scotch, blending years of bar stories, long-standing friendships in the intelligence community and new research. “Trigger Point” is his first novel in the Nicholas Ford Series.

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