UK Classics Club draws diverse membership

Yuzhou Tian

While Classics, a major that delves into the intricacies of modern and classical languages, has only 35 students at UK majoring in it, the Classics Club attracts many more students from other areas of study.

Classics Club was founded last year during the 2015 spring semester. It began with only five or six members and has now become a large interest group on campus. For students majoring or minoring in Modern Classical Languages (MCL) or those who have interests in ancient Greek and Roman history and politics, Classics Clubs serves as a place to meet new friends.

The club organizes events and activities like Halloween parties, social mixers, movie nights and guest lectures.

On past movie nights, they have watched movies relating to ancient Greece and Rome like “Hercules,” “Clash of the Titans,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Troy.”

One club member, Michael Main, an MCL sophomore, said he enjoys guest lectures.  

“Different artists and different professors come to talk about specific topics and area, and it is really fun to know about different aspects,” Main said.

In some meetings, Classics Club members hang out and debate, with one group of people arguing against another over topics on a particular piece of history.

The club’s president, Tara Bray, is an MCL senior. She said one of the reasons she established the group is to change people’s bias on classics.

“One of the hardest thing for me to study classics is not what I am learning, but how people perceive it,” Bray said.

Bray said when she talks about how her major is classics, many others do not know what she is talking about. Some people do not understand the point of studying foreign language like Greek. Even her parents had to fight with her on her choice of major.

“The reason this Classics Club exists is letting people know we have classics major here that most people do not even know exists,” Bray said.

However, there are many students on UK’s campus that have a passion for classics. Sydney Consalvi, an MCL sophomore, joined this club last semester. What draws her to classics is the connection between what they study and the modern world.

“It interests me because I like seeing how you can look at the classics world to solve today’s problems,” Sydney said.  

There are currently 76 students who have joined the club’s Facebook page, and some of them are neither majoring nor minoring in classics. This club is steadily reaching new members outside of the major, which is key to developing a diverse and interesting atmosphere for discussion.

“How many people are interested in studying the ancient literature and languages, and just how many people are interested in being a part of the club is really surprising for me to see,” Bray said. “And all the friends I have made just make the club so worthwhile.”

To join, students can contact Tara Bray through the UK Classics Club Facebook page.