Fresh off East Coast tour, Noble Giants return to rock Al’s Bar


Lexington-based Noble Giants returned to town fresh off an East Coast tour and drew a big crowd to Al’s Bar for their show Tuesday night. Their next show will be on March 26 at Big Hair HQ.

Aayat Ali

Lexington-based band Noble Giants brought in a big crowd to Al’s Bar for its first Lexington show since December on Tuesday night in support of their EP, “Eradixate.”

Lead singer Collier Porter said he started off as a solo project two years ago with the hopes of finding band members who were as dedicated to music as he is.  After going through different lineups, lead guitarist John Fiske, drum player Adam McGary and bassist Cody Hiatt joined soon after.

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“What I was looking for was people that were very passionate about playing music and had the desire to do it for a living,” Porter said. “It’s kinda lonely on stage without band members.”

Despite this starting as a solo project, Porter said every member of the band collaborates and writes music together.

“We love what we’ve created, and we had to get that out there and share that with people,” Fiske said.  “It was prevalent that the writing style had changed since most of us are newer to the band … so we came to this realization that this EP was truly about leaving the past behind us.”

Fiske and Porter said they gather inspiration from the music of The 1975, as well as Miles Davis and other jazz musicians.

“(The EP) was very much written from real life,”  Porter said. “We tried to write it so we could be honest about what the lyrics meant, while being relatable to the listener.”

At the beginning of the show, Porter encouraged the audience to crowd the stage. Noble Giants opened with the dance-fueled rock ballad “Enigmatic” off the new EP. 

The band said they hope the song will provide an honest look at how young adults cope with their own troubles and how tough it can be to “move on.” The crowd gave a warm welcome as Porter belted a cover of Joy Division’s “Transmission.”

“We decided that the whole EP was a concept album and some of the themes we discussed in band meetings was leaving things behind and getting rid of your demons … so when it came time to name the EP, the word ‘eradicate’ came up,” Fiske said.

Although the show had a bumpy start due to technical issues, Noble Giants ended the night on a powerful note with the song “Race in the Dark.”

The band was fresh off an East Coast tour and plan to venture on another tour in late April or early May. They also shared plans of releasing a new EP some time in the summer. Their next Lexington show will be on Mar. 26 at Big Hair HQ.