Start drinking healthy with The Weekly Juicery


The Weekly Juicery can help kick off healthy eating with their variety of juices, created with products from local farmers.

Lexington Souers

UK is a week away from spring break, and it may be time to lay off the junk food. While a week can’t undo the damage that half a semester of Cookout incurs, a visit to The Weekly Juicery can add a healthy squeeze to an unhealthy diet. 

The Old Vine Street storefront offers a variety of juices, arranged by color, that attempt to heal a multitude of bad vibes, both physical and spiritual. Some menu samplings include Felon Melon, Apple Bottom Squeeze, Bluegrass Sunrise — don’t be afraid of the green color — and Orange You Happy.

Like any juicery, there is a range of colors on the wall, from deep red to vibrant green. There are no additives or perservatives in their products.

“Food consciousness is changing,” said Nick Pennington, store manager of The Weekly Juicery. “Supporting places in your community that are helping to spread that mentality will ultimately … create a much healthier and more sustainable food culture in our society.”

Not only are the bottles on the wall filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, the abundant produce comes from local farmers. It’s a chance to get a bit of good locally grown food in a mass-market world.

With that comes trust in the ingredients and the final product. Not every bottle will taste the exact same, and there’s a joy in that. Variety allows consumers to gauge the quality, honesty and freshness of the product.

Juice cleanses are also offered in a variety of prices and lengths of time. Cleanses allow for the body to detox, returning natural enzymes and nutrients to the body and digestive system. 

Because detoxes aren’t for everyone, and health risks should be considered, The Weekly Juicery offers cleanse coaches to advise and help clients.

“Essentially what we’re doing is … (supporting) people who already care about this lifestyle and (educating) the people who aren’t necessarily familiar with the benefits,” Pennington said.

What goes into the body dramatically changes the attitude and health of a consumer. Fresh, cold-pressed juice is an easy way to get a day’s worth of fruits and vegetables, and with the staff at the weekly juicery, products like acai bowls, smoothies or juices are made with care.

The Weekly Juicery is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. Locations can also be found in Cincinnati and Louisville.

While it may be too late to shed 10 pounds and be swimsuit ready, it’s never too late to start eating healthy (or in The Weekly Juicery’s case — drinking healthy). 

Lexington Souers is the features editor of the Kentucky Kernel.

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