Recipe: BBQ and jelly meatballs a must try


Barbecue and jelly meatballs great as a main dish or appetizer. 

Jamilyn Hall

Toss out the marinara and parmesan, this meatball recipe will have you seeing meatballs in a whole new light. With only three ingredients and a slow cooker, this dish will have you craving this new way of cooking meatballs.

Grab from the grocery: 64 count (or whatever quantity you fancy) meatballs from freezer section, 18 oz barbecue sauce and 18 oz grape jelly.

But before you are grossed out from the barbecue and jelly combination, from experience, the tangy and yet sweet concoction is a must try.



Combine (Sweet Baby Ray’s) barbecue sauce and grape jelly in crockpot.

When combined add meatballs and stir until the meatballs are completely covered.

Cook on high for three hours, and stir every hour, or at least I do. You can serve over rice or serve as a main dish or appetizer.

It is simple, it is easy, and it will make your guests, or significant other, glad they met you.