VisitLEX challenge, colorful way to discover Lexington



Jamilyn Hall

Lexington is a city of big buildings, campus dorms, horses and bourbon. But beyond the sidewalks, pieces of artwork that grace walls throughout the city.

VisitLEX, Lexington’s convention and visitor’s bureau, has created a challenge for locals and visitors to discover Lexington culture, besides that of basketball, horses and bourbon.

“VisitLEX created this mural challenge to help visitors and locals discover street art they might overlook,” Niki Heichelbech, director of communications at VisitLEX, said in an email to the Kentucky Kernel.

There are currently 26 murals throughout the city. But according to Heichelbech, hunters need to find 15 to complete the challenge.

“Participating in the mural challenge will serve as a way for UK students to better familiarize themselves with Lexington and the public art throughout town,” Heichelbech said.

Not only are the murals and the challenge a gift within itself, but also participants who finish the challenge receive a prize for doing so. According to Heichelbech, successful mural hunters who return their forms are sent a poster to commemorate their artistic journey through Lexington.

The challenge includes 26 questions, and each participant should answer the questions, take a picture with the mural and email the answers, pictures and their mailing address to Big Lex at [email protected].

For the social media-goers, the hash-tag devoted to the findings of the Horse Capital of the World is #legalgraffitilex.

“We’re always looking for ways to help people discover unique aspects of Lexington,” Heichelbech said.

Those wanting to participate should devote one day to the challenge, and to participate can do so by visiting