Changes made to UK’s formal sorority recruitment

Jamilyn Hall

For incoming freshmen and others wanting to rush this fall, changes have occurred that will affect the basis of recruitment. The length of the UK Panhellenic Formal Recruitment week has been extended from seven days to nine days starting this fall and has changed to value-based recruiting.

“This will allow the second and third rounds to be extended over two days each,” Susan West, director of fraternity and sorority affairs, wrote in an email to the Kentucky Kernel. “Last year the second and third rounds went from 8:00 a.m. until after 9:00 p.m., making them long days for both the potential new members and the recruiters.”

According to West, holding the recruitment rounds over two days will provide more flexibility for potential new members participating in marching band, Fast Track and Living Learning Programs.

“Hopefully the week will not feel as ‘rushed’ as it has in the past,” West wrote.

While the amount of recruitment days has increased, UK Panhellenic Recruitment has also changed to value-based recruiting.

“Value-based recruitment focuses on conversations between chapter members and potential new members about organizational values and member organizations,” West wrote. “Last year UK’s Panhellenic eliminated a skit during the third round and put more emphasis on the sisterhood of each chapter through conversations and a short video.”

According to West, this year the NPC has asked that all college Panhellenics eliminate skits in order to promote value-based recruitment. “The Panhellenic chapters will be replacing the skits during second round of recruitment with a service activity promoting their philanthropy this year,” West wrote.

Panhellenic Bid Day will take place on Sunday, Aug. 21, and is a closed event for only Panhellenic new and returning members.