UK Federal Credit Union to build new operations center


Some of UKFCU’s Board of Directors at the groundbreaking ceremony of UKFCU’s new operations center on April 28, 2016. Pictured from left to right are Director Sarah Nikirk, Director Anna Allen-Edwards, Secretary Jennifer Krieger, Treasurer Vince Marletta, Vice Chair Michelle Bliffen, Director Gary Falter, Chair Stephen Burr, President and CEO David Kennedy.

News Staff

University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union broke ground for a new operations center on April 28. UKFCU hopes to better meet the needs of its nearly 64,000 customers, according to a press release from May 11.

By adding a new facility to consolidate our team, we are greatly improving our efficiency in serving members, UKFCU President and CEO David Kennedy said. 

The new operations center will be located on Alysheba Way and will open in mid-2017. The facility will be on a 10 acre campus and will be 63,000 square feet, according to a press release.