Bru serves up summer


A wide variety of taps are in use at Bru Burger Bar for customers to view and select from while enjoying their time and experience at this local eatery. 

Christie Netherton

What’s more American than burgers and craft beer? It’s pretty far up there on the list just below guns and bald eagles. 

So if you are looking for a new place to try some great food and craft beer this fall semester, try out Bru Burger Bar.

Not only is there a wide selection of gourmet burgers on the menu, Bru Burger Bar also offers a selection of 15 craft beers on tap. Their 15th tap is rotating and currently holding Schofferhoffer’s Grapefruit Weizen.

Schofferhoffer’s Grapefruit Weizen, which is based in Germany, is definitely on the sweeter side at 2.5 percent ABV, but it is also delicious and enjoyable for those who enjoy more of a citrus, fruity flavor. It is the perfect beer for sitting out on the patio during the last few hot weeks of summer weather.

Bell’s Oberon wheat ale is Bru’s summer seasonal beer on tap. Oberon is the epitome of backyard barbecuing and sitting poolside while enjoying craft beer during the summer months.

Oberon, brewed in Michigan, is a wheat ale with spicy hops and a fruity aroma. It is quite literally like taking a sip of summer when the beer hits your taste buds.

Bru Burger Bar also offers a few Kentucky brewed beers for the local beer lovers, including Ethereal White Ale Witibier from our very own Lexington, at 4.5 percent ABV. It is a sweeter Belgian style wheat beer with light citrus flavors.

West Sixth Amber, also from Lexington, is a crisp, malty beer sitting at 5.5 percent ABV. Country Boy’s Cougar Bait, another Lexington brew, is an American blonde ale at 4.7 percent. 

Lexington’s Blue Stallion Dunkel, at 5.4 percent ABV, is a Munich-styled dark lager with a smooth and malty flavor.

Lexington has a wide variety of beers on tap to please any type of beer lover, and the selection at Bru Burger bar is no different. 

Whatever your preference in beer is, Bru is a great little restaurant to try out for a bite and a pint for an after-class late lunch or dinner. With a nice variety of craft beers on tap, a diverse burger menu at a decent price, and a kind waiting staff with a fairly relaxed atmosphere, you can not really go wrong.