Participate for a strong Greek community


Newly selected sorority women race down Rose Street Sunday after hearing which awaiting house on Greek Row would become their new home-away-from-home. Photo by Josh Mott | Staff

Coming to a big university from a rural high school, I wanted to make the huge campus seem a bit smaller. What better way to do just that than talking to multiple young women at fourteen different Greek houses through Formal Recruitment my freshman year?

I found my home away from home, as many people on campus have. With over 45 Greek organizations and approximately 6,000 people affiliated, the Greek community on UK’s campus is strong, but could be stronger.

Every chapter on campus is involved in philanthropy, and hosts events throughout the school year to raise awareness and money for their specific cause. Typically, sororities and fraternities host at least one event per semester. Many philanthropic events are scheduled soon, kicking off the semester the right way by giving back. 

Before going through recruitment, all I knew about Greek life was what was portrayed in movies, and that community service was a large portion of it. Since joining my organization, I quickly found out that the events hosted on campus are very popular and tons of fun. 

One of my favorite aspects of Greek life is when you join your chapter, you can still interact and participate in other chapters’ functions. It is a great way to peek into the philanthropies of other organizations and helps me gain an appreciation for the hard work other Greek men and women are putting into improving the community. 

No matter what the philanthropy event is, they all benefit a good cause and give back to the community around us. Whether it’s a carnival, kickball tournament,  dance off or boxing match, awareness and money are raised to benefit deserving charities, and that is something every Greek organization can get behind and support. 

Though it is encouraged that chapters send members to participate in other organizations’ events, not every chapter sends a team to each function.

Not only does it allow for one to gain perspective and appreciation as well as participate in community service, but it provides many opportunities to try something new. In high school, I never imagined that I would be dancing in front of thousands of people or stepping with women I now consider my second family. 

Being a Greek woman means representing my letters, organization’s principles and our philanthropy. By encouraging participation in our own events and other chapters’ as well, the bond of the Greek community is strengthened tenfold.