Stop clowning around

If 2016 was not already crazy enough, let’s throw some horrifying, menacing clowns in the picture. 

It’s not just a trend trailblazing its way across the Internet, it’s a serious issue plaguing this country that has even sent Ronald McDonald into hiding.

When the clowns were first seen in late August, many thought it was an ad for an upcoming movie or people getting in the Halloween spirit a little early. The reason behind this clown outbreak is still unknown, but the trend is slowly spreading across the nation.

Unfortunately, clowns have come out to play here in Lexington, with rumors of sightings around campus and even stories of clowns robbing gas stations. The thought of possibly running into a clown somewhere in Lexington has many clutching their baseball bats, pepper sprays, or whatever weapons they may have a little tighter.

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Citizens of Lexington have taken advantage of the terrifying trend and started making rounds to local gas stations . Police reported three gas stations had been robbed as of Sunday by a single man wearing clown mask. Another gas station was robbed Monday, again by a man in a clown mask; police do not know if this case is related to the other three.

Others in clown costumes have been spotted in Lexington, driving around, simply walking down the street and in parking garages. Across the nation, clowns have been known to try and lure people into the woods. 

The worrisome part is not only that these people are dressed as clowns, but that we are not able to tell if they have weapons of some sort or what their intentions are. This is quite a sad story for the normal birthday party clowns who just want to entertain and do their job.

With Halloween right around the corner, it is impossible to wonder what the situation will be when someone thinks it’s funny to dress up as a clown. There have been many warnings on social media for people not to dress up as clowns.

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It would be a smart idea for anyone not looking to get chased down the street to avoid dressing as a clown on Oct. 31. 

It’s hard for people who aren’t clowns to understand the motive behind dressing up in full costume and makeup to upset the country. It’s stumped civilians, it’s stumped police, and it needs to stop. 

One can only hope it will get too cold for these clowns to be outside after Halloween and they will disappear for good. What is the point of this nonsense? There is no real point

There are enough things to worry about living in America, and being terrorized by clowns should not be one of them.

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