Use deals to get the most of your bar experience


UK alum and Tin Roof bartender Topher Aldridge takes drink orders from BRian Britt, left, and Brian Knight Friday night during the South Limestone Block Party to benefit the Huntsman Cancer Foundation..Photo by Zach Brake

Christie Netherton

Every college student knows the struggle of eating ramen during the week in order to afford a fun weekend. College students want their alcohol and they want it cheap. That is why the wonderful bars of Lexington make it a goal to have some great deals throughout the week that draw out that typical college crowd for a fun time without breaking the bank.

Tin Roof on South Limestone is a live music joint that offers deals throughout the week, including all day happy hour and trivia night on Mondays and two for one drinks on Thursdays. Students are sure to have a fun time while listening to some great, live music. Even if the band is not the best, it is sure to sound better after a few discounted beverages.

Campus Pub on Waller Street is another great college spot with decent music and a friendly bar staff. It has a few deals; two for one night on Tuesday and service industry night on Wednesday for all of the wonderful servers of the world. Campus Pub also has some pretty awesome food. Who doesn’t love tater tots smothered in queso after a few drinks? After saving a few dollars on alcohol, it is understandable to splurge and take a break from those ramen noodles.

Stagger Inn situated in downtown Lexington is another popular college bar with its country vibe and the occasional live country band. Stagger is definitely the perfect bar for having a fun time with cheap alcohol alongside fellow broke students. Stagger has its best deal on beer-bath Wednesday with $2.50 pitchers starting at 10 p.m.

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Wildcat Saloon, also located downtown, is another great college bar. At Wildcat, every night is karaoke night; the later the hour, the better the music, (assuming that everyone has downed a few drinks). There are also a couple of beer pong tables in the corner of the bar for a bit of entertainment if drunkenly singing to a large crowd is not quite your cup of tea. Wildcat is conveniently located near multiple other bars, which is prime real estate for a bar hopper. Fridays are the best days at Wildcat as it is two for one wells night.

Harvey’s, another downtown treasure, is a fun place to visit on the weekends to do some dancing. Harvey’s is upscale casual, so make sure to leave the sneakers at home. Harvey’s offers $5-$6 cocktails throughout the week and has more of a clubby feel with its laser lights and dance floor accompanied by a DJ.

Two Keys, probably the most famous of the crowded college bars, is one of the best places to visit to listen to the most random music ever heard while at a bar. But do not fret, because with those unlimited wells on punchout Thursdays, one is likely to dance to anything. Two Keys has possibly the best deals of the six with a $10 entry fee for punchout Thursdays and $1 wells on Mondays.

Whichever bar you choose to visit, you are sure to be in for a memorable weekend of cheap drinking with some potential regret on the side when you wake up for early Monday morning classes.

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