Vetter flies solo with ‘Rapid Cycle’


Shannon Vetter celebrate the release of his album Rapid Cycle on Saturday, Nov. 12 at Best Friend Bar.

If you’re a music fan in Kentucky, chances are you’ve heard Shannon Vetter perform a time or two. The well-versed musician has made the rounds throughout the Bluegrass for the last decade and a half playing with the likes of Gideon’s Rifle, Big Atomic and Solid Rock’it Boosters, but now Vetter is paving a new, solo path capped off by the release of his debut record Rapid Cycle.

Vetters became familiarized with music at an early age, picking up a saxophone in the sixth grade and never looking back, also growing proficient with the guitar. On Rapid Cycle, Vetter performs both instruments, welcoming in a host of Kentucky bred talent to combine the diverse sounds of funk, soul, rock, and pop that manifest themselves in Vetter’s other projects all into one.

“I wanted to break away from any boxes, because we didn’t want to be confined by genre or by lineup or arrangement,” Vetter said. “We wanted to treat every song separately and differently.”

According to Vetter, Steven Montgomery of Paducah’s Allen Music and Jake Siener of Gideon’s Rifle helped to produce the record, even performing as the rhythm section for much of the album. The record was tracked at Loud and Clear studios in Paducah.

The record begins with a jolt of energy on the song “Existential Blues” that echoes throughout the album, including on the track “Seasonal Affective Disorder,” which Vetter describes as a sappy, winter-is-coming, small town, depressing song augmented with the lush instrumentation of cello, upright bass, violin and steel pedal backing him up on guitar.

Some of the songs on Rapid Cycle are several years old and others are new tunes, said Vetter, who sees songwriting as an ever-changing process and has no set methodology for hashing out new material.

“Waking up with something in my head, there’s a reason for that, and it’s not every day that I have a good idea, but when a line hits me I try to write it down and see if I can figure out a progression for it, a melody, and hopefully it turns into something,” Vetter said.

Vetter will hold a release party for Rapid Cycle on Saturday, Nov. 12 at Best Friend Bar as part of The Moonshiner’s Ball’s monthly curated series of musical badassery. Fellow Paducah rockabilly group Solid Rock’it Boosters will be supporting Vetter’s for the show.

According to Vetter, his live band differs from his studio band, adding that five or six of the same people travel with him to each show, with the remainder of the band being filled out by musicians local to the area they’re playing in. Saturday’s show will feature special sit-ins from Vandaveer’s J. Tom Hnatow on pedal steel and Bawn in the Mash’s Josh Coffey on fiddle, among others.

Music begins on Saturday at 9 p.m.. Tickets are $8 and you must be 21 years or older to enter.

“I’m under the impression that creation is the highest thing that we can aspire to, so creating art and living artistically and sharing a little bit of the human experience is the best way to make people feel connected,” Vetter said.


What: Shannon Vetter and Solid Rock’it Boosters

When: Saturday, Nov. 12 at 9 p.m.

Where: Best Friend Bar – 500 Euclid Ave.

Tickets: $8, 21+