Red Mango and Nestle Toll House Café makes a sweet Lexington treat

Samantha Robinson

Red Mango, a new spot for fresh juice, smoothies and frozen yogurt, has something for everyone because it’s also a Nestle Toll House Café. 

The juice bar’s General Manager John Sanders and his franchise partners wanted to try something new. They already owned the Red Mango rights and bought the Nestle Toll House Café rights to combine the two businesses.

Red Mango opened its first store in California in 2007 and was among those who started the frozen yogurt frenzy. By 2010, Red Mango captured a national presence with 100 locations, with many close to college campuses. 

Its frozen yogurt is made with all natural ingredients including low-fat and nonfat, kosher and gluten free yogurt that is fortified with probiotics. 

Red Mango was the first frozen yogurt store that was certified by the National Yogurt Association, which gives the frozen yogurt chain the Live and Active Cultures seal, which proves the use of real yogurt. 

The idea behind the Red Mango and Nestle Toll House Café was that it would be a good year round concept, according to Sanders. This combination produces something for everyone. 

“Not everybody wants just healthy and not everybody wants just not healthy. So we decided to put the two together and we bought the rights to both brands and put them underneath the one store,” Sanders said. 

The Red Mango smoothie and juice recipes are original recipes. All juice is squeezed fresh for each customer and bottled as well. The juice is ice-filtered for cold and crisp juice. It is also not pasteurized so that the juice retains all of the nutrients from the fruit and vegetables. 

“The cool thing about the juices, is it’s literally the fruit that you see put into the blender,” Sanders said. “We do it in a specific way so it’s going to taste different than how you would do it at home.”

The Nestle Toll House Café side of the store has a variety of freshly baked cookies that are made daily. Not only does the store serve cookies, but it sells brownies, ice cream, crêpes, cookie cakes and coffee beverages. Different ice cream sandwiches can be created from the assortment of cookies and ice cream. 

Red Mango is located at 867 South Broadway.