Survey seeks to improve campus life for students



Megan Brown

UK’s Student Government Association has recently sent out their All-Student Survey to every students’ UK email address. The survey is conducted every year and is a chance for students to voice their concerns or satisfaction with the university. 

The survey goes toward improving campus life for students and gives them the ability to make a difference with issues affecting them every day. It can be anything from deciding if there should be a fall break to the biggest problems with parking on campus to the quality of dining facilities on campus. For the most part, the survey consists of multiple choice questions, but there a few questions that require a ranked list and some that are yes or no. 

The All-Student Survey, which started in 2016, has proven to be instrumental in making changes to campus life. 

According to Trey Zimmerman, Deputy Chief of Staff of SGA, one specific example of the survey producing changes was with UK Dining. Because of the survey there has been “an expansion in guest meal swipes and a reduction in meal swipes restrictions on campus.” 

Zimmerman also stated the survey “provides SGA with a compass as to where we should be focusing our efforts.”

All the topics on the survey include reasons for attending UK, parking, dining, diversity, mental health and tuition. It also includes recommendations students can give to ensure their needs are properly being met. 

In addition, to better communicate information the survey asks students to rank how they receive information through different channels such as Twitter, Facebook, yard signs and radio stations. Finally, issues discussed were professor approachability, classes, financial aid, the cab service, construction and minority students. 

The survey also tackles controversial issues such as concealed weapons and the media publishing sexual assault cases. It covers important health problems such as depression, suicide and anxiety. 

The annual survey is an important way for faculty to address concerns on students they may not otherwise hear, and offers students an opportunity to be involved in decision making. With a campus of over 30,000 students, it may seem impossible for students to get their voices heard, but this survey gives them that opportunity.

Students who complete the survey will have the chance to win UK basketball tickets, an Apple TV, Beats Headphones and an iPad.  

The survey can be found at