Trump’s success

Kat Manouchehri

I am of Middle Eastern descent. I am a woman. I believe in equality for all genders, sexes and races. I identify with conservatives. I voted for Donald Trump, and I am proud to call him the President of the U.S.

Washington has been overrun by diplomats and drowned in false promises, lies and hopeless speeches that have made us believe America could be changed for the benefit of the greater good. President Trump has been blunt and hostile in his expressions, and I won’t deny that, but he is exposing the system to a fresh aspect that has never run our government before­ — a business mindset.

Our country ­— most importantly, our economy— needs pulled out of the gutter. The U.S. national debt stood around $10,699,805,000,000 before former President Obama took office in 2008, and had increased to $19,573,445,000,000 by the end if his term last Friday. President Trump has assured our country that he will decrease our national debt and improve our economy.

We, as people, govern our own actions in the streets we roam. President Trump cannot make you act negatively towards one race or one sex or one gender. We monitor our own words, and it is up to the people to keep our country peaceful.

With that being said, Friday and Saturday’s protests in cities across the country were debatably out of hand. The riots vandalized property and were harmful to demonstrators and bystanders. It is arguable that President Trump has incited these riots with his words and promises, however, anti-Trump activists demonstrated exactly what they accuse Trump of advertising ­— hatred, disgust and violence.

Donald Trump’s incoming presidency is hopeful. It is time our country sees a massive change in our economic status, and I think Trump and his administration will do exactly that. But we must not forget, we have the power to be peaceful people in the streets to one another; we make that decision, not our president.

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