Red Light opening last venture for Meyers


The Red Light Kitchen and Lounge is a new restaurant in Lexington located on the corner of North Limestone and Loudon Avenue. Photo by Arden Barnes | Staff

Morgan Smith

For Lexington restauranteur Lucie Slone Meyers, Red Light Kitchen & Lounge is more than just her latest venture — it’s her swan song. 

Meyers has been a staple in the Lexington bar and restaurant business for more than 30 years, and has had a hand in opening some of the city’s most beloved joints. 

“This is all I’ve ever done and this is it. This is my last dance,” Meyers said. 

Meyers’ signature restaurant, a la Lucie, closed on Nov. 30, 2015, due to an increase in rent at the 159 N. Limestone location. However, the closing of a la Lucie prompted Meyers to turn her full attention to opening Red Light, a project that was put on hold in 2010 and has now come to fruition. 

Red Light is set to open on Feb. 14 at 780 N. Limestone. The opening of Red Light will mark Meyer’s eighth, and final, bar and restaurant opening. 

Meyers had anticipated opening Red Light in 2016, but when she discovered she had lung cancer, the opening was delayed. Now, Meyers is happy to be back to work with the new year. 

“I’m going to beat it, but it’s kind of a bummer,” Meyers said. “Being sick most of this past year, I’ve missed the action, the craziness, and especially the people.” 

As she spoke, Red Light was buzzing with people preparing and setting up for the restaurant’s grand opening on Feb. 14. The dynamic interior of The Red Light is a vibrant reflection of Meyers’ time in the bar and restaurant industry. The space is filled with colorful tabletops, engaging art pieces, and vintage photographs.

“I’ve taken stuff that I had in storage from other restaurants that I’ve done over the years and I put it all in here. It’s all come together in its own way,” Meyers said. “It’s my story.” 

The Red Light is already booked full for it’s opening next Tuesday, and Meyers hopes that opening on Valentine’s Day will be an exciting way to kick off the restaurant. 

“I needed to pick a date and I kept putting it off because you’re never completely ready,” Meyers said. “I thought that it [Valentine’s Day] was a good day. We are the Red Light, and it is the red month. I’ve opened other restaurants on holidays and it makes it more fun.”

The Red Light menu will feature items such as flatbread pizza boards, noodle bowls, rib eye steak, burgers, fish and chips and fried chicken. 

Red Light will also have a full bar, and will be serving blue “Wildcat Margaritas” on Tuesday nights. The cocktail menu will also include a Kentucky Bourbon Honey Iced Tea.

“I like the people. I like listening to their stories and I like feeding them. Food is comfort, you give them comfort,” Meyers said.