Bike Voucher Program continues into next year

UK Transportation Services announced it will continue the Bike Voucher Program for qualifying students in the upcoming 2017-18 academic year.

The program allows 100 students and employees to waive the ability to park on campus for two years in exchange for a $400 voucher for the purchase of a bicycle at participating Lexington bike shops. This is the third year of the program.

The program is only open to students living off campus. Before receiving their voucher, participants will also be required to attend a short class on bike safety. 

For students living on campus, UK offers the Big Blue Cycles bike rental program, which allows residential students to rent a bike for the academic year, if they agree to leave their cars at home.

Transportation Services started the program in 2015 to encourage UK students to adopt a variety of transportation methods and to reduce the number of motor vehicles on campus to lessen traffic and pollution around the school.

Transportation Services Communications Officer Chrissie Tune said the program has been successful in its goals.

“By all accounts, when people get on their bikes, they’re dedicated. This is how they want to continue commuting,” Tune said.

The program is open for applications from now until June 30. Applicants with parking passes during the current school year will be prioritized, though new students can also apply.

Vouchers from the program can be used at Bicycle Face, Broomwagon Coffee + Bikes, Crankworks Bicycles, Pedal Power Bike Shop and Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling.

More information about the Bike Voucher program, as well as Big Blue Cycles and the other programs offered to students by Transportation Services for traveling campus, is available on the department’s website.

Transportation Services is the new name of the Parking and Transportation Services department at the University of Kentucky. The department changed its name in March 2017.