Women’s clothing causes difficulties

Editorial Staff

Guys can fit a TI-84 calculator, their wallet, car keys and a water bottle in their pants pockets, while girls can barely squeeze a tube of chapstick into theirs.

Women’s clothing is aggravating and annoying because it is not practical. Having a small pocket is the most some clothing companies will do; many do not even put pockets or put fake pockets, which is even more infuriating.

Part of this is due to women’s pants and trousers being tight in order to accentuate a women’s legs.

Sexualization of women’s clothing has created other problems as well. Many shirts and dresses are made to be tight around the breasts in an effort to “suit” a woman’s figure.

Pants are also made to be tight around a woman’s butt. This results in women finding pants that fit their legs, but then get stuck around their butt. However, if she goes a size up, the pants are too loose around the waist. Shirts and dresses work the same way—they fit around the arms and abdomen, but are tight around the breasts. It also does not help that women come in all shapes and sizes.

Sizing gets worse for tall or short women. Most clothing stores do not carry “special sizes” or if they do, they have a limited selection.

This results in short women buying clothes from the children’s section and tall women wearing clothes too short for them. This reflects an even larger problem in women’s clothing — inconsistent sizing.

Men’s clothing is very straightforward. Their pants are made with measurements of the waist and leg height. This makes it quite easy for men to find pants. Women’s pants, however, are much more complicated. Many stores have sizes from 0-20, but those are just for the waist. What’s even worse is that each store has different measurements for what the sizes 0-20 mean. In one store, a woman can fit into a size four, but in another store, a size eight fits her. The same goes for shirts. For men, shirt sizes are pretty consistent across stores. If a guy is size medium, he can buy a medium at most stores. For women, that is not the case. Women’s shirt sizes vary so much that they can be a small in one store, yet a large in another.

People often say that women take forever to shop — well, this is why.

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