Fantastic internships and where to find them


UK political science Professor Richard Waterman attends the State Capitol in Frankfort with students in the Kentucky Legislative Internship Program. The students used their time in Frankfort to create the Frankfort Focus Wikia. 

For most degree-seeking college students, finding a great internship is crucial to starting a career. Internships allow students to make connections in their chosen field, get professional experience and learn lessons that have to be taught outside of classrooms. 

The hardest part about internships is usually finding one. Fortunately, several resources exist to help students find meaningful internships. 

Department email listserv

If you are not signed up for your major’s listserv, you need to immediately. Through the listserv, professors will send out not only information about potential internships, but also job postings, scholarships, course information and more. Usually this information can be found on your college’s website.

Also, if an internship is sent out through the listserv, someone related to the internship passed the information along, meaning that potential employer is interested in considering students from your program. 

Professors and other mentors

In addition to the listserv, your professors at UK are likely to have some connections looking for interns. Reach out to professors for internship advice and they may give you a few leads to follow. Also, it can lead to a conversation about a potential reference for your application. 

Wildcat CareerLink

The Wildcat CareerLink is the Stuckert Career Center’s database for job and internship listings. This database is available to students and alumni. You can also use your LinkedIn account to sign in and post professional information about yourself. 


It may be the first resource you turn to, but it is still very helpful. Googling internships related to your field of interest can yield great results. More than likely, you will also find some places outside of Lexington and outside of Kentucky, which will allow you to expand your horizons. This method also requires erring on the side of caution. Research the companies’ and businesses’ histories with internships you are considering. Ask some mentors if they have any insight.