Benefits of unpaid internships


Via Media Bistro. 

No matter how you feel about unpaid internships, they will not be going away any time soon. Unpaid internships can bring a lot of opportunities if you choose wisely. Almost every college student will have to face the choice of either taking the plunge and doing an unpaid internship or not. 

If the internship in question is your first or second one, it is probably in your best interest to take the position. Paid internships are usually looking for more experienced candidates. Plus, the new connections you make can help you find more internships in the future or be some of your references. 

Also, you can get some education out of the internship. By taking the internship for class credit, a professor or another adviser will be able to guide you through the experience. Some majors and programs at UK require a credit-bearing internship for graduation as well. More information about the different between credit and non-credit internships at UK can be found on the Stuckert Career Center’s website

Several ways exist to also sustain yourself during an unpaid internship. If you are interning during the summer, you might want to looking into getting a part time job. Credit-bearing internships can be easier to complete in the spring and fall semesters as they will factor into your academic schedule. Also, if you have someone supporting you while you are attending college, talk with them about interning first.